Posted August 3rd, 2009 by mvn
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Training Camp - Day 6: Hitting begins

Practice with pads means that there is a more physical style of play. In a sense, it’s a little overrated due to the fact that there is still no tackling or real hitting going on.

Hey! They’ve gotta’ make sure they don’t injure each other, right?

Defensive backs were a lot more ‘grabby’ with receivers and passes were thrown, but the focus of the practice was execution of the plays that were called. So, as long as the receiver was running the correct route and players were getting to their assignments, then it was a successful play for everyone involved…sort of.

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  Written by mvn

  • Brian: I just found # 23 as well.
  • kyle: i have the whole set all in very good condition
  • Brian: I also have # 17
  • Brian: I have # 8 and 18. How much do want to offer?
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