Posted September 30th, 2009 by mvn
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Throw Thayer Into The Lion’s Pen

They have to put him into the fire at some point. No point in keeping him on the 40-man roster if the Rays don’t know if he is even close to effective in the Majors. The average Leverage Index (LI) for his eight relief appearances is at .04. And if you know something about leverage (thank you Mr.Tango), .04 is not even close to medium leverage. Technically it is low leverage but lame leverage sounds better.

It is small sample size but Dale Thayer has an OPS against of .544 to lefties compared to .964 to righties. This doesn’t follow his minor league trend but left-handed hitters hit less for average and BABIP than right-handers. But in 05-09 the BB/9 is telling as he throws 4.55 to LHH and 1.97 against RHH. I assume a lot of his fastballs tail away from lefties off the plate outside. Just a guess.

Anyway there are seven games left, four taking on Baltimore at home. That means only seven (possibly less) chances to put some fire in Thayer’s direction. Or be forced to permanently move him to Major League mop up.

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