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The anti-collecting post

I don’t know if I’m really devoted to collecting baseball cards as much as I like the idea of being able to say I still collect after all these years - it seems tough to set goals or at least ones that will stick through next year.

At times I do not want anything to do with collecting
- I realize cardboard pictures of men isn’t where it’s at and I shudder to think that is all I care about after 15 or 20 years, while other people have moved on.

1.) I think too much about collecting, I read the blogs, peruse the forums - without actually enjoying it.
2.) If I buy a random box of cards, unless I pull something - I’m just paying towards someone else getting the big hit out of a product. If pull a big hit, then it probably will not be worth as much in a few months.
3.) Random hits are worth $0.99 plus shipping on eBay - no matter how much I talk particular ones on my blog.
4.) My favorite players are more successful in their life, than I am in mine - collecting their cards is a reminder of that.
5.) One day I’ll be buried in my cards - who knows where the cards and I are going afterwards.
6.) Listing collecting goals for a particular year falls flat - when there is no money or interest to pursue them.
7.) I don’t know what not ‘being able to polish a turd’ means - so I keep picking up crap cards [repacks, loose packs from the 'junk wax era', etc] and convince myself I can do something with them.
8.) My only option for opening packs is retail - but the ones at Target or Walmart are mostly searched.
9.) Picking up a few base cards of my favorite players doesn’t really amount to much - I’ve hit the ceiling.
10.) I’ll be more than 10 years older - than some of players I’m currently or will be collecting.

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  Written by CardBuzz

  • Brian: I just found # 23 as well.
  • kyle: i have the whole set all in very good condition
  • Brian: I also have # 17
  • Brian: I have # 8 and 18. How much do want to offer?
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