Rudy Fernandez - where will he be traded?

More clarity comes out that before the draft, Portland was to send Rudy Fernandez to Minnesota for the #16 pick but Portland turned Minnesota down saying they had better offers for Rudy.

The trade was supposed to be #16 & #23 picks.  Rudy was the one who refused to be traded to Minnesota as he didn’t want to be in a small market.  So Portland ended up shipping Martell Webster.

Rudy is looking for 1) major market city; 2) major role and 3) major playing time.

Of the top 15 of 100 cities in the U.S.: 1) New York; 2) LA; 3) Chicago; 4) Houston; 5) Phoenix; 6) Philadelphia; 7) San Antonio; 9) Dallas; 11) Detroit; 12) San Francisco; and 14) Indianapolis have NBA teams.

Rudy’s 2010-11 salary of $1.25M with a maximum trade exchange of a player for $1.66M.  So lets take a look at possible destinations for Rudy.

1A New York (New York Knicks)

  • $1.07M – Toney Douglas, 6’2”, SG, age 24 – shoot first pass/defense second Coach Mike D’Antoni could re-vitalize his career
  • The major problem is that the soonest the Knicks could offer a 1st round pick is 2014 and Douglas is not ideal for Portland.

1B) New York (Brooklyn Nets)

  • $1.35M – Courtney Lee, 6’5”, SG, age 24 – compared to Rip Hamilton. The rumor is the Nets owner knows Rudy from when he played in Europe.

2A) LA (LA Lakers)

  • No players match or I don’t think the Blazers would want to help LA

2B) LA (LA Clippers)

  • No players match.  Maybe a trade exception with the draft pick

3) Chicago

  • No players match.  Maybe a trade exception with the draft pick

4) Houston

  • $0.78 – Chase Budinger, SF, SG/SF, age 22.  Since Rockets are over the salary cap, they would need to package another player like $0.73M Jermaine Taylor, 6’4”, SG, age 23.

5) Phoenix

  • No player matches, but Phoenix has been trying to trade Leandrinho Barbosa, 6’3”, SG, age 27.  Rudy would be a good fit and Blazers really like Goran Dragic. I think at minimum it would be Rudy & Jerryd Bayless for Dragic & 1st round pick.

6) Philadelphia

  • Philly has too many guards and playing time would be difficult

7) San Antonio

  • $1.16M – George Hill, 6’2”, PG, age 24 which is unlikely, but a major deal for Tony Parker maybe better

9) Dallas

  • $1.08M – Rodrique Beaubois, 6’0”, PG, age 22 – unlikely as Mavs looking to start him in some games this season

11) Detroit

  • No player fits, Tayshaun Prince, 6’9”, SF, age 30 available since he is a free agent in 2011.

12) San Francisco (i.e. Golden State Warriors)

  • No player fits

14) Indianapolis (i.e. Indiana Pacers)

  • No player fits, unless Blazers could make a trade for Danny Granger

When you look at the potential teams that Rudy will be traded to.  It looks like New Jersey, Phoenix and San Antonio are the most likely teams.  Of the 3 teams:

  • New Jersey - If the Blazers think they can still get Chris Paul then shipping Cortney Lee to New Orleans in a package deal would be good especially if the Nets owner wants Rudy.
  • San Antonio - If the Blazers think they can get Tony Parker.  With San Antonio wanting a center to match with Tim Duncan then it would take: Andre Miller, Joel Przybilla & Rudy Fernandez for Tony Parker.
  • Phoenix - No Paul or Parker, the Blazers will try to find a future starting PG.  Sending Bayless back to Arizona along with Rudy maybe the ideal trade for Dragic.
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