Posted September 30th, 2009 by mvn
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Price Keeps Making Adjustments: Comfort?

Not a mechanical change (that I could see) but this more on the lines of this post I had on Navarro’s slight batting stance change over a month ago.

Other than David Price’s new curveball favoritism, he also made a comfort change to his delivery starting in his Sunday start against the Blue Jays at Tropicana field September 20th. His normal windup starts by holding his glove in front of his chest, then bringing it over his head and making his delivery. His new windup starts with the glove held just below the belt then making his delivery, raising his glove just below the letters to start it.

From Advanced Media, some nice closeup pics.

david price windup change.png
This may be more of a comfort change or a change to better his timing since the only importance to this part of the windup is when and where a pitcher separates the baseball from the glove.

Seeing this, I would expect Price to continue to keep making adjustments to his pitching motion and pitch selection going into next season. Which is a good thing because it shows excellent work ethic. And a fiery desire to improve (note the print version title is Season too short to Price).

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