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Pence Hits HR #24 And Moehler Gives Up Only2 Runs And Doesn’t Win

Got an email from a Brewers’ fan I know at the beginning of the game. He said that Cooper gave an interview in which he said that Geoff Blum was angry that he wasn’t playing against Suppan because he has great numbers (15 fer 28 with 2 HR, 4 doubles and 3 walks) but he “had” to play the young guys.

And Coop is telling this to the Milwaukee media like WHY??? It makes Blum look like one of those whiny Old Guys (like Luis Gonzalez making an ass of himself when he talked to the media his last 2 years with Arizona and LA, complaining about them playing much better, younger players) AND it shows Cooper to be a complete backstabber - both managing to put down his young player and the old whiner. He shouldn’t have said anything at ALL. Or if asked why Blum wasn’t playing, he could have either avoided toe question or said something diplomatic.

I can NOT wait until this jerk is gone. Phil, for all his failings, at least never did crap like this and neither did Jimy The Silent. I somehow missed Richard Justice’s column the other day reporting that Drayton is NOT happy that Cooper, when asked about Paul Janish by the local media (he’s a Houstonian and went to Rice) said something like - who cares about him because he’s from Rice. All I can say is if THAT is what it takes for Drayton to make up his mind to get rid of this imbecile, hey, I’m glad the jerk put his foot so deeply inside his mouth.

And naturally, he once again loses the game with his stupid insistence on the leftylefty crap and changing pitches every other batter.

He couldn’t just put Fulchino/Byrdak/Wright/Gervacio/Whoever out there to start the inning and freaking let them freaking finish. nooooooooooo. So although nobody could manage to hit Jeff Freaking Suppan (and don’t look at Johnson/Towles because Lance and Miggy didn’t do spit neither) and Pence finally put the Astros ahead 2-1 in the 7th, naturally, it did no good.

Even the usually excellent Bourn didn’t get near 3 fly balls and even did something I haven’t seen him do this year - over-run a ball (Pence was backing up, picked up the ball, dropped it, allowing the runner to get to second.) Miggy had a 2 base error, and the runner, who reached second, eventually scored an UER. And Miggy dogged the throw on Lopez’ grounder in the 8th, too.

I’m basically just waiting for the season to be over because I’m tired of having to think of how to re-phrase the same title- namely - Cooper loses the game with his leftylefty crap again.

This, by this way, is why I decided on the title I did.

Tomorrow, Felipe Paulino goes against Yovani Gallardo, making his last start of the year. Yovani is beginning to tire and the Crew is (wisely) going to shut him down after this start.

I know that Coop won’t be fired until after the season, probably not until after the Series ends. So after the season, I am going to go back through the game logs and document Coop’s stupid pitcher switches and other bonehead moves as well as actually counting up the numbers of runners who are on base (RBI opportunities squandered) by Berkman, Tejada and Lee. Anything else all yall want to read?


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