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Open Window, Feign Interest, Enter Text . . .


So it’s been three weeks since I posted a column, ‘zat tell you anything about how unremarkable this team is?

Oh sure, you can tip your cyber hat to Doc for dominating the Yankees. Nothing wrong with that but you’d hardly be anything but a voice in a rather large crowd.

Or you can engage in yet more impotent rage at the mystifying machinations of Cito’s line-up construction (John McDonald in left as a favor to him? Sure, but why against the Yankees instead of, for instance, the Orioles? Even better, if Snider is the future of right field, then why in the hairy heck do you unceremoniously bump him to left when you want to play Joe-fuggin-Inglett in right?!) or what about the fact he’s sitting against lefties again?

But really, how often can one repeat himself on that score?

I had intended my next entry to be a preview of the upcoming series of articles featuring the annual review of the jays system by position, but then I heard the latest Paul Beeston interview and realized I did have something to comment on.

For the most part, he said the usual things about the usual stuff and for the most part I don’t care to repeat the usual vague generalities. There was some rather intriguing stuff at a couple of points when he was asked about the decision making concerning personnel reviews at the end of the season and he emphasized he would be making those decisions until a new president was in place (as opposed to ownership). In that same moment he said “the status quo is not acceptable” right after saying everyone from himself to Cito was “accountable”so whether your beef is with JP, or with Cito (as mine is) that sounds encouraging, right? At that point he pointedly did not assure us that JP would remain the GM (the kind of non-committal moment which often leads one to assume the reverse is true).

After that they drift into a discussion of the structure of the playoffs in MLB and PB seems to be moving away from the old-school notion of a limited playoff system, but then the host veers back to discussion of who has a job next year and the host asks about Cito’s expressed point of view that he’ll be back next season.

In reply, Beeston ramble a bit but the money quote is this (hemming and hawing and “uhs” deleted):

“In a lot of ways Cito is probably a very safe person”

All I can say to that is a string of very un-family-friendly profanities. With each passing game my desire to see Cito out of the Jays dugout increases exponentially. If Beeston is serious when he says “everyone is accountable” then I am puzzled. If he’s as savvy about baseball as I have always assumed him to be, he has to have some uncomfortable questions for Cito - but I tend to wonder if he’s not too close to him, too good a friend, to fire him. I hope that, even if Beeston makes some decisions in the interim, that the next president doesn’t feel obliged to go forward with those choices.

I don’t have a particular urge to see JP fired, though I would be perfectly ok with it to - but Cito has to go.

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  Written by mvn

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