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Oh come on

Either include Expos or don’t bother even doing this.   This is like compiling a Best of DVD for Do Not Disturb.  Which was the best episode of all time #1 or #2?  How about the worst, was that #2 or #3?

Here are some of the choices you can make:

  • Which is the best catcher line .258 with 8 homers or .268 with 10?  
  • Do I want to choose Royce Clayton’s 2006 (.269, 0 homers) season as best at short? 
  • Is Felipe Lopez’s 2008 at second (.234, 2 homers) worthy of immortality?  
  • Vinny Castilla’s 2005 (.253, 12 homers), or suicide? 

I’m afraid to go and look up what their OBP / SLG stats were for some of these seasons.  For god’s sake - when you can’t even come up with a decent third choice doesn’t that tell you something?  Like maybe you should just go ahead and pick the best season and let the fans vote on something sensical?   Would you ask a question like what do you want for dinner: pizza, day old bread, or this thing I found behind the fridge which might be a weeks ol thin mint or it could be a flattened cockaroach?  No, of course you wouldn’t.  You are not stupid.   You also obviously don’t work for the Nats website.  

I know since every team is doing it the Nats feel they have to too (hell they might even really HAVE to) but if they are treating the team like it started 5 years ago, there’s no damn point to this.  

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  Written by mvn

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