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NBA Outsider Mock Draft: Memphis Grizzlies Select Ricky Rubio

NBA Outsider is hosting a 2009 NBA mock draft, where bloggers
from all over come together in an attempt to project the draft results
that will take place June 25th .

3 Shades of Blue’s Chip Crain picks for the Memphis Grizzlies at No. 1. Despite the point guards’ hopes the Memphis Grizzlies stick with Ricky Rubio out of Spain. Follow the mock draft here.

Ricky Rubio - DKV Jovenot

Memphis would love to trade this pick. Unfortunately
everyone in the league knows this so the offers aren’t that exciting for
the 2nd pick in the draft. Throw on top of that the Grizzlies
reputation as a team more interested in the bottom line than the Win-Loss
column and offers to move up are not looking very good. That makes this a tough
pick for the Grizzlies on many levels. Rubio doesn’t appear to want to
play in Memphis and his large buy-out means he doesn’t have to accept
whatever team selects him.  Can the Grizzlies afford to draft someone only to
have him remain in Spain? I think the Grizzlies can. If Rubio remains in Spain
then the Grizzlies hold onto his draft rights for a full year AFTER his
European contract ends. Since his buy-out is larger next season than this that
may mean a two year wait but Memphis has Mike Conley who is developing. After
two seasons the Grizzlies may not need the talented Spaniard and could more
easily trade him. After all he’ll only be 20 yrs old at that time.

Rubio is a visionary point guard. Not often do teams get an
opportunity to draft an 18 yr old experienced PG who looks to pass first and
knows how to play defense. If this was any other team no one would even argue
about taking Rubio with this pick. If the Grizzlies feel the risk is too great
then James Harden and Hasheem Thabeet look to be the logical
choices. If the Grizzlies do trade down look for them to acquire University of
Memphis standout combo guard Tyreke Evans. Evans would be an excellent
backcourt mate to Conley and Mayo plus could energize local fans.

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