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Lee,Nate to return with Knicks

ESPN’s Andrew Marchand first reported on ESPN Radio 1050 in New York City that restricted free agents David Lee and Nate Robinson are expected to receive one year offers after Labor Day and most likely will be back with the Knicks for the upcoming season.

Lee who had a career year leading the NBA with 65 double doubles, expected to be harassed with offers during the summer but those offers didn’t happen and the Knicks didn’t make any effort to bring him back either which is kind of crazy because he’s proven to work under the system, plus he would be a good initial piece as the Knicks should start building a foundation now so when that next summer does come, they would already have something in place however Donni Walsh thinks differently as he’ll only offer a one year deal in the $6-8 million range, so New York can have as much cap space possible for the summer of 2010.

Nate is intoxicating and a very explosive score. He played OK off the bench last season but was unable to win the starting job against a struggling Chris Duhon. He could easily be the sixth man of a contender who has problems with their second unit like the Cavaliers or the Heat for example however his size is not constitute for modern basketball and could be something hold against him. Because of winning the Slum Dunk Contest and being a funny little man, people like to watch him play, so there’s another reason to maybe signing Nate: in tough economic times, every single thing has value to fill up arenas and make some money.

New York won 32 games last season but was considered a fashionable pick to the playoffs at a certain point, but for the upcoming season they should worry. The Wizards had the worst record in the East, so they improved, just like the Raptors and even the Nets, combine that with the fact that the Pacers, the Bobcats and the Bucks already have better teams than the Knicks, you get the Knicks fighting to avoid the worst record in the Eastern Conference.

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