Posted August 21st, 2009 by mvn
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J.P. Ricciardi is a horrible GM

The statement J.P. Ricciardi is a poor general manager is really stating the obvious at this point. He attempted borderline extortion on the Phillies only to come up with nothing at the Trade Deadline when trying to unload Roy Halladay. Moving Halladay was the smart move, but Ricciardi overreached and came back with nothing. He never had the amount of leverage he believed he did. He had to have every top prospect in Philadelphia’s system rather than four good prospects who would provide a solid foundation for the foreseeable future. On top of that, Halladay is set to leave Toronto when his contract is up in 2010. I’m guessing J.A. Happ, Michael Taylor, Carlos Carrasco, and Jason Donald look darn good to you right now. Instead, the Blue Jays must wait for compensation picks once Halladay leaves via free agency. Well played, J.P.

I don’t disagree with his dumping of Alex Rios and Scott Rolen. Those moves saved the Jays about $65 million to be reinvested into the club. Rios’ contract was an albatross and Rolen’s seen better days. Both needed to go. That reinvestment won’t be happening right now Jays fans. The Jays did sign first round pick Chad Jenkins. Ricciardi failed to sign the remaining three of Toronto’s top four draft picks - James Paxton, Jake Barrett, and Jake Eliopoulos. Yes, Paxton is a Scott Boras client, but that didn’t completely preclude his being signed. Paxton projected to the closer’s role, possibly by 2011. If you’re not going to spend the money on your 1st round sandwich pick in the draft, you’re probably not going to spend it. Ricciardi can defend himself by saying he did sign every pick in rounds 3 through 20. Talent cannot be left on the table, especially when it’s high end talent. That’s what Ricciardi did here.

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