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Eagles-Colts Live Blog

Time for a live blog to kick off the relaunch of the brand new Passion & Pride.  Eagles set to take on Peyton Manning and the Colts.  All the talk in the last week has been on Vick so it will be nice to get back to the actual action on the field.  Vick mania can wait a week…

-Opening drive of the game for the Colts.  Peyton is picking apart the defense right now.  Tough to even get on the defense at this point, Manning is threading the needle.  Colts first and goal and FUCK Samuel makes a spectacular play to get the interception but drops it on a nice recovery by Anthony Gonzalez.  Peyton throws a picture perfect fade route to Gonzalez, impossible to stop really.  Colts grab the early 7-0 lead. 

-Eagles ball to answer.  3rd and 2 and McNabb throws it in the middle of fucking nowhere.  The anti-Manning throw if you will.  Completely dumbfounded.  Sav Rocca punts the Colts inside their own 5….

-Jason Babin gets pressure off the edge to force a fumble and the Birds recover.  Jason Babin, former first round pick of the Texans…maybe emerging as a legit DE option?!  Not to be outdone McNabb gets in trouble on 3th and 4 and instead of taking the sack holds the ball out like a douchebag as he’s getting nailed and the Colts force and recover a fumble.  Facepalm.

-On cue after the fumble Manning hits Reggie Wayne on a 76 yard bomb.  Wayne was wide the fuck open.  Ellis Hobbs was the main cover guy and released thinking he had safety coverage over the top.  FAIL.  Shit list for Hobbs.

-Maybe the last drive for McNabb.  Time to get your head out of your ass.  Steady diet of Shady McCoy and he’s showing his elusiveness.  Almost making me forget about Westbrook.  Just kidding…McNabb hits DeSean Jackson on a sweet 39 yard hookup.  Jackson WILL tear up the league this year, book it.  Cuts the lead to 14-7.  Guessing we’ve seen the last of the regulars…

-Curtis Painter in to replace Manning.  You probably remember him from his overhyped career at Purdue…Babin continues to make plays. 

-Hello!  Jeremy Maclin makes an appearance on a punt return.  Time to see what the rook got on offense.  Sidetracking quick, FOX showed a graphic of our OL and 4/5 starters are out with injuries right now.  Jason Peters pulled a fuckin Winston Justice last week, granted he had very limited training camp action but he is the highest paid OL in the league, jesus.  Shawn Andrews who the hell knows what is going on and we sure as hell can’t count on anything from him. 

-Back to the action and this could get ugly with our crappy OL and AJ Feeley in the game.  Sigh, When is Vick available?  

-Colts get a FG to make it 17-7, announcers are more interested in rehashing the Vick talk and sucking off Manning’s dick instead of covering the game.

-AJ Feeley continues the long tradition of Eagles QB’s sucking complete ass in t minute drill offense.  Eagles are easily the worst short time offense ever.  Reid still hasn’t fucking learned from that fail in the Super Bowl loss.  It’s only the preseason but this shit is standard with the offense.  How do you throw over the middle for five yards with 12 seconds left in field goal range with no time outs?!  My head hurts…

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