Posted September 30th, 2009 by mvn
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Cowboys Rushing Stats are Impressive, but Then There’s the Rest

After two weeks, the Cowboys lead the NFL in rushing yards as well as yards per attempt and rushing touchdowns.

Then there are the other stats. Dallas ranks 30th or below in several offensive and defensive categories, including total yards allowed. Since NFL/AFL merger in 1970, the Cowboys have never finished lower than 20th in total yards allowed (the team finished 20th several times during the 1980s, when the league had 28 teams).

Here is a look at this year’s team statistics, including the rankings in parentheses:



Points: 65 (3rd)
Yards: 840 (2nd)
Plays: 110 (30th)
Yards/Play: 7.6 (1st)
1st Downs: 41 (9th)
Turnovers: 4 (14th)


Completions: 29 (31st)
Attempts: 56 (28th)
Yards: 471 (14th)
Yards/Attempt: 8.3 (4th)
TDs: 4 (9th)


Attempts: 53 (18th)
Yards: 369 (1st)
Yards/Attempt: 7.0 (1st)
TDs: 4 (1st- tie)



Points: 54 (26th)
Yards: 877 (30th)
Plays: 137 (27th)
Yards/Play: 6.4 (30th)
1st Downs: 45 (29th)
Turnovers: 0 (31st- tie)


Completions: 50 (27th- tie)
Attempts: 80 (27th- tie)
Yards: 606 (30th)
TD: 3 (15th- tie)
Int.: 0 (27th-tie)
Yards/Attempt: 7.6 (26th)


Attempts: 57 (19th)
Yards: 271 (23rd)
Yards/Attempt: 4.8 (25th)
TD: 2 (23rd)

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  Written by mvn

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