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Celtics Updates: Posey Back in Beantown?

NBA: APR 27 Western Conference Quarterfinals - Nuggets at Hornets - Game 4

Both updates via CelticsBlog

Doc positive about next year, feels no need to trade:

“PTI: I’m just thinking about two summers ago when you guys had the
blockbuster move that kept talk radio and our show going for weeks. Are
you and Danny (Ainge) plotting anything like that this summer? Do you
see your personnel needing to be shuffled in that way?

Rivers: No I don’t, but we’ve got a huge trade we’re going to
announce. I’m just joking. There’s no trade coming. (Laughs) No, no
we’re good. I like who we are. I think we do have to add some length to
our basketball team as well, especially with Leon Powe
maybe not coming back for at least til midseason or later. We’ve got to
add one more big to our team. Other than that, I love our basketball
team, I love our guys, and I think we’ll be in great shape next year.”

Jeff Clark from CelticsBlog has an interesting (atlhough unlikely) trade scenario:

Ainge has been willing to reverse course in the past.  He brought
back Antoine Walker.  He dumped guys that were a bad fit, even though
he was the one that brought them in (Ricky Davis).  Danny is a shooter,
and shooters have short memories.  Time to do that again.

Posey was supposed to be the missing ingredient in New Orleans.  He
wasn’t.  Posey didn’t play poorly, he just wasn’t what they needed to
put them over the top.  At the deadline, New Orleans tried to trade
Tyson Chandler for, …essentially nothing.  They need to shed salary
in a big way.  I’d like to help them out.

James Posey for Brian Scalabrine and Tony Allen

Insight: Like I said, it’s an interesting scenario. I’ve always been a big Posey fan, and I feel there’s no harm bringing him back.

Trading Brian Scalabrine would dump cap space and rid us of the worries he carries along with him. He’s unpredictable coming off the bench, as his shot is extremely inconsistent and he has barely any post moves. When he started at center — due to the C’s lack of big men — he certainly surprised me on the offensive end, but still was a disappointment because of his inferior rebounding ability.

Tony Allen was, in my mind, a guy who could surprise people coming back from his injury. He had averaged around 15 points when Paul Pierce went down in the 2006-07 season, and was considered one of the best defenders on the team. However, he has come WAY short of the initially low expectations, and we just cannot keep taking risks on TA anymore.

We are in need for a small forward to back up Pierce, and a veteran defender/three-point shooter like Posey would be a huge addition to the team. He can also play a little bit of shooting guard to aid Ray Allen, as well as contribute as a power forward to help back up Kevin Garnett.

I doubt Danny Ainge could pull off this one, but if he does, I’ll be as equally ecstatic as I was the first time Posey came to Boston

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