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Call-ups Commentary

The Nats actually made some call-ups from Syracuse despite the minimal added cost to payroll.  It’s like they’re a real team!  How cute.

Are any of these guys worth watching closely?  Well, if you’re a die-hard blog reading Nats fan (or like Basil a Nats blog-reading Die Hard fan) you probably already know the answer, but here is my take.

Ian Desmond : He’s an old 23 (he’ll be 24 in a couple weeks) but he’s the Nats best chance for a decent hitting and fiedling SS next year. He’s been agressively pushed through the minors and until this year it showed.  He barely was able to manage a .250 average with your typical SS low power. However this year something clicked and his AA (.306 /.372 / .494) and AAA (.354 /.428 /.461) lines basically demand a call-up. 

He’s the one I’d have my eye on because Ladson keeps hinting (if writing stories about it can be called hinting) that the Nats want to move Guzman to 2nd and get a better fielding SS.  He could easily be a starter on next year’s team if he doesn’t look overmatched in this brief stint.

Ross Detwiler : also 23, Ross is one of those “young guns” the Nats kept talking about. He’s good enough for AAA, but the majors?  Probably not yet.  His K numbers are nice (his 7.7 per nine this season is the lowest of his minor league career) but he’s walking too many guys (at least 3 1/2 per 9).  He’ll give up the hits too  56 in 49 innings, so to me he needs more AAA seasoning.

Marco Estrada : At 26 he’s not an exciting player.  He’s been able to cut down on his walks but that in turn cut down on his Ks. He could be a back of the rotation innings eater for a couple years, but most likely not.  What could be going down is an unofficial fight for 5th spot consideration.  If Detwiler does well, he’ll get first crack at that spot next season, but if not Marco could be a back-up plan to take up that space for half a season.  

Logan Kensing :  27 - just a bullpen arm.  Has shown multiple times that he’s a decent AAA  player but not quite good enough for the majors.  I wouldn’t expect him to keep failing so dramatically but a 5.00 ERA is certainly possible.

Zach Segovia: 26 another bullpen arm.  This one slightly more intriguing if only because he was very good over the past two months in AAA, not just decent. His history and age don’t make me think there’s anything really there, but no harm in looking at the end of a season like the Nats just had.   

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