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Brewers to decide among these four players

Let’s pretend that you are the Brewers’ GM and wanted to look at four prospects’ AAA stats for the year and received these numbers:

  A  23 109 430 76 128   4  34 32  65  42 0.353 0.409 0.298 0.762 16
  B  28 112 379 62 111 16  59 59  84   5 0.400 0.501 0.293 0.902 13
  C  25 105 379 46 118   3  54 28  63  13 0.362 0.412 0.311 0.774   5
  D  24   75 273 42   76 11  48 38  89   1 0.367 0.473 0.278 0.839 18

Given just these numbers, who would you be most likely to keep?  Who would you most want to trade?

Player B is the oldest, but he’s almost played the most games, has the most HR’s, the most RBI’s, the highest slugging percentage and the highest OBP. 

Player A is the youngest, but has the most Hits and SB’s.

Player D has the fewest games, fewest hits, the most K’s (and the highest K/AB), and the highest errors.

Now…player A can play SS or 2B; player B played at 2B, SS, 3B and OF, while player C can play 2B or SS, while player D can only play 3B.

Who are these players?  Player B is Adam Heether, while player A is Alcides Escobar.  Player D is Mat Gamel, and Player C is Hernan Iribarren.

Does that change anything?  Should it?  Seems like Adam Heether should be kept in place of Craig Counsell (except Heether bats right-handed)…but may also have some trade value.  Based solely on numbers, Gamel would seem to be the least desirable–but many believe has upside potential.

The biggest question?  Why didn’t Melvin call up Heether?  Heether is not on the 40-man…but why not?

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  Written by mvn

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