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Brewers Sweep The Astros As Bourn Takes The Golden Sombrero


1 - Pence took 2 walks, didn’t swing at even 1 bad pitch, got a single, and SHOULD have gotten a 3rd walk, only the HP ump was unusually biased in favor or the other team and called Ball 4 Strike 3

2 - Astros got 4 walks and 6 hits, 4 of them doubles

3 - Miggy hit into his NL league leading 29th double and only needs 4 more in the next 2 weeks to break his ML record. He could have hit into a triple play if only he had hit the ball to 3rd instead of short

4 - Paulino pitched pretty well except for the 3 homers - 1 walk and 6 Ks over 6 innings

5 - Carlos Lee REALLY hustled after a fly ball in the first which fell juuuuust foul. Good for him.

6 - Kaz Matsui made an EXCELLENT play on a grounder to right.



1 - Bourn has, over the past 2 weeks, developed this sudden inability to not only not hit a changeup, but to lay off them and he is in danger of other teams picking up on this and exploiting it, as tems do with Pence and sliders away

2 - Miggy left 2 guys on base TWICE and GIDP. Naturally, he gets his only hit at the end of the game.

3 - in the 8th inning, with the ballgame already long since lost, Cooper pulls Wilton Lopez with men on second and third, 2 outs ONLY because a lefty is up and he can’t live with himself if he doesn’t send the lefty out there..

4 - Ed Rapuano called 13 pitches thrown by Astros pitchers which were CLEARLY in the strike zone as balls. He calls ZERO pitches thrown by Brewers pitchers which were in the strike zone as balls.

5 - the Proven Veterans Coop LUUUUVVVVSS so much didn’t do any better than the rooks did. Especially Blum, who was sooooo angry about Johnson getting to play yesterday. At least CJ drove in a run. Blum did zip.

Well, it’s gotten to the place where the only interesting thing left about the Astros is seeing HOW they are gonna lose. That and seeing if Miggy Tejada can break his NL record GIDP and reach the ML record set by Jim (”Feared”) Rice.

Milwaukee radio guys, when listing the Astros lineup, once AGAIN mentioned how Coop told them that Blum expressed anger about being replaced in the lineup, and then mentioned how today, Blum is back in the lineup.


Bad Felipe showed up in the first inning. Thing is, major leaguers can hit baseballs thrown at 98 and 99 MPH when they are thrown down the middle of the plate and Corey Hart hit a 97 MPH FB right down the middle, thigh high about 420′ and then Prince hit one at least in the middle of their scoreboard and it looked to me that if we were at home, it would have gone over Tals Hill and above that patch of grass. And the one Prince hit was 99 MPH, belt high, right down the middle. And the one Jody Gerut hit in the 4th was, you guessed it, belt high and right down the middle.

I DID like Paulino’s pickoff of Corey Patterson in the 5th. Both Paulino and Norris have done a great job with pickoffs. Maybe Burt Hooten has, you know, like, taught them how.

The Astros did get one call their way - Joe West called Ryan Braun out as a caught stealing - the ball DID beat him but Tejada’s tag was late. Not that it mattered.


Man this was an absolutely sorry ass road trip. The guys are counting the seconds until the year is over. And naturally, Coop isn’t gonna play any of the callups at home because the fans don’t want to see them. Or something. We wanna see the crappy ones we’ve been disgusted with all year.


Tomorrow night, it’s Wandy vs Kyle Lohse, who has kicked Astros ass all year.

I know he’s supposed to be nails at home, but no one wins without any run support and Wandy knows that only too well.



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