Posted September 16th, 2009 by mvn
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(Awesome) Link Explosion For Slow Week

It has been very slow here lately. But don’t expect to return to what it once was this summer.

For now, here some links more geared toward stats that I found to be quite interesting:

- Justin Bopp awesomeness with visuals at Beyond the Boxscore just got better. He now has created a way to view a players ability through a diamond (baseball diamond). See the Carlos Pena one for power awesomeness and Ben Zobrist’s for all around awesomeness.

-Daniel Moroz at MLB Notebook discusses Zach Greinke’s lack of run support. And that his win loss record is as useless as my appendix.

- I remember that guy from the Bottom of the Ninth video game. Only decent pitcher on the Pirates not named Jason Schmidt.

- Finally someone has a stat for hacks.

- Same thought here. In the end, you either win or lose.

-Some football? I never really thought Jeff Faine was that good. So his replacement Sean Mahan might be the next Donald Penn.

Hopefully I can get a Rays related post in here by midnight.

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  • Brian: I just found # 23 as well.
  • kyle: i have the whole set all in very good condition
  • Brian: I also have # 17
  • Brian: I have # 8 and 18. How much do want to offer?
  • Gibberish: Greg,his post is a year old, but I am looking for Kurt Suzuki autos and variants such as the plate Drop me...

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