Posted August 23rd, 2009 by mvn
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A Grand Salami & Links

Ryan.jpgAnother day another grand slam from Brendan Ryan. Wait, what?

Brendan Ryan played, without question, the best game of his professional career. Not only did he stroke a grand slam to salt Thursday’s game away early… but made two, dare we say, Ozzie-ish plays @ SS.

Also, the pushbroom he’s wearing on his lip could soon be the bushiest mustache we’ve seen in the NL since 1974.

The Cubs, in case you were wondering, rolled over and burped in LA, pushing the NL Central lead to a plump 7 games heading into the weekend. At this point, the much anticipated September series with the small bears will turn out to be more like a downed horse at the track. The Cards will pull out the screen and put the bullet in their head.

102, hello. Have you met our friend Chicago?

It’s been a minute since we’ve done some links. We’ve got some good ones in here for a lazy Friday…

  • How long does Bill Murray actually spend in Groundhog Day? LINK HERE
  • When you’re not familiar with technology, shit happens. LINK HERE
  • Ever seen a talking goat? This hippy has. LINK HERE
  • A link to a site with 40 useless links. Thanks KA! LINK HERE
  • 25 best protest signs of all time. LINK HERE
  • Winkers. They sound stupid, but somebody’s getting rich. LINK HERE
  • A very romatic cut from public access. LINK HERE

Have a weekend, friends.

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  • Brian: I just found # 23 as well.
  • kyle: i have the whole set all in very good condition
  • Brian: I also have # 17
  • Brian: I have # 8 and 18. How much do want to offer?
  • Gibberish: Greg,his post is a year old, but I am looking for Kurt Suzuki autos and variants such as the plate Drop me...

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